History of CrossFit Games

Seven years after CrossFit officially launched its first affiliate, it had its first games in Aromas, California. Dave Castro, a small ranch owner had the honor of hosting the games with 70 participants and around 150 spectators. The first games were selected randomly since Glassman believed that the fittest athlete was one who dominated any task.

What the First Game Entailed

The 2007 CrossFit Games included 100 pull-ups, seven push jerks, and a 1,000-meter row. Judges selected winners as per their average speed in completing each task. Since the game was still new, it was open to anyone who could make it to the games. The gym that had the best overall participants also received an award.

The Growth of CrossFit Games

The first games were such a sensation that 2008’s event saw over a double of the previous year’s participation. 300 competitors signed up, with 800 fans cheering on. In 2009 CrossFit went international. Participants and audiences came from countries in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Regional games were also introduced in the same year to accommodate the diversity of the situation.

By 2010, the games had embodied a structural approach with multiple sections, and a series of events to open the games officially. Everything changed when Reebok decided to sponsor the games in 2011, for the next ten years. The prize money would then drastically shift to $1 million.

Online qualifications were opened in 2011, and 26,000 athletes registered to be a part of that year’s games. Participants got stronger as popularity increased. This could be why the tournaments were said to open the biggest event in the world in 2018.